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Beautiful Gray Cat


Fostering, Transports, Trapping, Fundraising, PetSmart Team, and more!

Before cats can be adopted to loving families, they must first stay in foster homes.  These fosters provide care to cats healing from spay or neuter surgeries and other medical treatments.  They also help socialize and observe personalities to help cats be paired with the best fit family.  Fosters are responsible for occasional transport for medical care and to Papa's Cat Cafe for events and/or to meet adoptive families.

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Can't foster a cat but have a working car and flexibility in your schedule?  Transport services are a great way to help!  Our cats often need transport to medical appointments or adoption meetings.  Sometimes we need specimens delivered to veterinarians or supplies to fosters.  We also need help transporting recently trapped cats to available foster homes.  It's important work that shouldn't be overlooked!

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Caring for the most at-risk animal populations doesn't come free, so fundraising is an important part of our work.  Monies raised pay for animal surgeries, medical care, food and litter, medications, and so much more.  Our group believes every cat, no matter their medical needs and temperament, deserves to a life with comfort and love.  To make that happen, fundraising is essential and we need your help in this area!


You know those cute cat condos at the back of PetSmart?  The ones filled with adorable, adoptable cats?  Join the team cares for those cats and while they are in that space!  PetSmart and Petco rotate the space between local rescue groups, and when it's our turn, we need a team ready.  Duties include sanitizing condos before cats arrive, regular litter changes, checking food/water, and end-of-the-month clean-up.

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Consider yourself adventurous?  Trapping might be your calling!  Learn how to trap stray and feral cats from our expert volunteers, then join them on group missions to trap cats in need of medical care and protective spaces.  You will learn all the safety measures to protect yourself while also helping community cats.

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