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Our Services

Trapping, Adoption, Fostering, Medical Care

There are so many community cats in mid-Missouri who need help, and we are frequently contacted with this concern.    Barnie's Place Feline Rescue is dedicated to ensuring every cat is able to live a life where they are protected and loved, and this includes cats with the most challenging of medical needs.  In working towards this effort, our group invests significant effort toward trapping stray/feral cats, providing spay/neuter surgeries and other medical care, and then helping those cats become socialized in foster homes and eventually adopted.  In circumstances where a cat is not a good fit for adoption into an indoor home, our group works hard to find alternative home locations, such as warm barns and with dedicated caretakers.  In total, our group seeks to dramatically reduce the overpopulation of cats and kittens in our community.  As such, most cats and kittens in our care were previously stray/feral, injured, have medical concerns, and/or came from a hoarding situation.  We serve Columbia and neighboring areas, and we also work in cooperation with other  rescue groups.  Read more below about these specific services and how you can contact us for help or to get involved.

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I have a cat I can no longer keep!   Can you help me find it a new home?

Unfortunately, no.  Our group works exclusively with stray/feral community cats  Our group is dedicated to providing medical care when other groups are not able.   As such, we have limited space in our foster homes so we can provide these high-need cats the utmost in care.  We recommend you reach out to other rescue groups in the area for help.

I found some stray cats / kittens!  Can you rescue and help them?

Yes!  This is our area of focus!  Gather specific information about the cats: location, photos, descriptions of appearance and temperament.   Send your detailed information to our TNR email account, and a volunteer will be in touch! 


Please know, if you reach out during the spring kitten season boom, we may not be able to assist all requests for help.  Unfortunately, that is the case for most rescue groups in town.  But, together, we certainly try our best to help, and we all keep a waiting list for kittens intake.   So, even if we cannot help you immediately, please request to be added to our waiting list and also on the list of other rescue groups in the area.

While you wait for a rescue group to be able to help you, please keep an eye out for the mama cat;  small kittens are rarely left unattended, and the mama will return when she feels it is safe to gather her babies and nurse them.  It is also helpful if you can provide the mama and kittens shelter / food.  Lastly, if you are able, you can make an appointment for LOW COST spay/neuter surgeries with the Spay & Neuter Project to reduce the homeless cat population -- Did you know that kittens can get pregnant as young as 4 months old?  So this is very important to do early!  



Pre-Adoption Care

All cats receive essential medical and foster services to make them adoption ready:

  • Testing for Feline Leukemia.

  • Given de-wormer, flea treatment, feline distemper and rabies vaccine (if old enough)

  • Provided antibiotics, as needed.

  • Microchipped for safety.

  • Spay or neuter surgery.

  • Individual care in a foster home to monitor for illness, healing progress after surgery, and assist with medical care.

  • Monitor temperament and personality of cat and provide socialization.


Begin Adoption Process

​These steps will help you find the perfect cat!

  • Complete an adoption interest survey (link below) once you begin to consider adoption.

  • An adoption specialist will be in touch within 2 weeks.  We appreciate your patience; we are a volunteer-based group.

  • Consider cats who might be a good fit for you by visiting PetFinder or visit us at our adoption events.

  • Establish veterinarian care.

  • An adoption specialist will contact you to schedule a meeting with one or more cats and assist you in finding the best fit.

  • All potential adopters must meet the cat in person before adoption will be finalized.


Finalizing Adoption

Once approved, you will complete these steps:

  • Most important is bringing a cat carrier!   

  • Complete adoption materials / payments in ShelterLuv with link sent by volunteer.  
    Fees:  $100 for one cat or $150 for two.

  • Special fees for some cats

  • Prepare  home with essentials: food, feeding dishes, litter box and litter, flea treatment, nail trimmers, scratching mat, toys, etc. 

  • Adopters often ask what food / litter cats use (for consistency).  Purina One Indoor Advantage (turkey) food is used in foster homes and at cafe.  Scoopable cat litter is used in foster homes 

  • Adoptions usually take place on Sundays at PetSmart. The adoption specialist will let you know date / time.

Need to contact an adoption specialist?  Email

Available Cats

Scroll through the PetFinder site below to view all of the cats available for adoption through Barnie's Place!

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