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Donate to help us continue our work!

For each cat we rescue and care for, there are numerous expenses!   We replace traps, carriers, and kennels as they get wear and tear.  Then, there are a battery of tests and treatments provided to each rescued cat.  We provide food and litter to fosters who are volunteering their time and home.  And none of this covers emergency needs that can AND DO occur in our rescue cats.

By the time we take a cat from life on the streets and adopt them into a loving home, it can cost $400 -- and that's without any emergencies!  You can see a breakdown of our most common expenses listed below.

In order to continue providing services, we rely on donations from our community.  Please consider making a donation today.  Even better, make it a monthly donation and know your generosity will help us continue fulfill our mission: to ensure every cat is able to live a life with comfort and love until the very end.

Feeding Newborn Kitten
Wet Cat
Vet Holding Cat
Vaccines   $15-25 each
Flea Treat   $25
Food & Litter   $20
TNR Traps   $100
De-Worming   $15
Microchip   $40
Prescription Foods  $60-80
Spay/Neuter   $90-200
FeLV Test   $40-90
Rabies   $15-25
Carriers & Kennels   $30
Emergency Care   $500+

Make a donation through ShelterLuv below!

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